Insulated Flexible Copper Bar

What are Insulated Flexible Expansion Copper Connectors?

Insulated Flexible Copper connectors are created by coating the foils with an appropriate overlapping PVC composition with secure connectors. These flexible connectors can be easily formed and can keep their shape avoiding deformation for a long time. Insulated flexible copper connectors can carry more electric current than rigid rods, so they

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copper busbars

What is Cuponal Material?

The bi-metallic conductor, which was developed to provide an economical alternative to solid copper in busbar applications, is called cuponal. It also offers an alternative to the hard drawn and high conductivity copper busbar. There is aluminum in the raw material of cuponal. The cuponal is surrounded by a highly

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What is Busbar?

A busbar (or bus bar) is an electricity element that makes complex power distributions simpler, more affordable and flexible. Busbar is a metallic strip or bar, typically housed inside switchgear, panel boards, and busway enclosures for local high current power distribution. The bus bar system consists with an isolator and

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Cuponal, copper-clad aluminum, is a bi-metallic conductor developed and presented as an economical alternative to copper material. Click to look the connections created by combined copper or aluminum parts with MIG welding of methods. Cuponal is made up of an electrical grade aluminum sturdy core with a copper outer layer

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Copper Reserves & Resources

Copper is one of the important metals that people have used for various purposes since ancient times and is among the basic raw materials of the industry today. The reason why copper plays an important role in the industry and can be used in various sectors is that it has

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