The world is changing, faster than ever. Everyday a new invention changes the course of the world, in industry, health, trade areas and even in our daily lives. What makes the world changes this rapidly is lays below the inventions that are possible with power. From the time of invention of using power supplies, mankind improves and finds solutions to different problems.


What is History of Electricity?

Before electricity, world was already started changing with industrial revolution. Machines doing the work instead of humans opened up a new kind of lifestyle. For braided flexible shunts used in machines: Braided Flexible Shunts. Electricity made the world a whole different place. It made possible to do things that people maybe even can’t dream about.

But it didn’t happen in an instant. The electricity we use today took almost 300 years to be the way it is. Scientists started work on electricity in early 18th century, and they’ve been trying to solve this mysterious phenomenon they see in lightning and thunder way before that era. It was hard to understand at first, but when they realized that electricity can be reproduced by human, than they started think of the ways to make it useful. Transmission of electricity is one of them. So click to view the TIG Welded Shunts that provide electricity transmission.


How is Electricity First Created?

Definition of electricity is a type of energy that can occur in nature. Therefore electricity is not something that humans “invented”, it is rather discovered or recreated. First experiments of creating electricity are go back as 17th and 18th centuries.

One of the most famous experiments is the one that Benjamin Franklin conducted in 1752. He basically used a kite and a key for this experiment that became a historical event. He flew the kite that he made with his son under the thunder clouds. In the end of the kite’s string there was a key attached. When the thunder struck, metallic wires carry the electricity to the key and provided a spark. With this simple experiment, Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning and tiny electric sparks were the same thing. Alongside with lots theoretical researches that little experiment led to understand how to create electricity.

invention-of-the electricity

When was First Electricity Invented?

The invention of the electricity in terms of we use today is dated back early 19th century. After years of experiments and researches, scientists managed to regenerate electricity that is suitable to use. One of the first usage areas of electricity is to make light bulbs. For this reason Thomas Edison is the first name they can think when it comes to electricity. Edison invented light bulb that lasts for 40 hours and it was a miracle like invention for that era. Even today we use the light bulbs produced from that same prototype.

After scientists found more ways to create electricity, usage areas increased too. Invention of usable electricity was not a thing that happened in a certain moment or it wasn’t found by one person. It is the fruit of lots of scientists’ work of years and years. Evolution of electricity still continues even today. As long as science improves, electricity and the ways to regenerate it and use it will improve too.