Insulated Flexible Copper Bars

lnsulated Flexible Copper Bars are formed by coating folios overtapping each other by a special PVC compound which are safe connectors. These flexibles can be easily formed and conserve their shape avoiding deformation for a long period. Insulated flexible copper connectors are capable of carrying more electrical current than rigid bars hence having several layers that increase the electrical current surface. Therefore, the flexibles can easily be used in smaller cross­sections when compared to rigid bars, where upon they constitute cost reduction.

Advantages of Insulated Flexible Copper Bars  ;

  • Ensures safe and secure joints

  • Ensures time saving by the help of installation easiness

  • Ensures size/dimension savings by the help of usage in tight spaces

  • Ensures cost and design work savings

  • Ensures easiness for forming and process

Application Areas of lnsulated Flexible Busbars:

  • lnner couplings of low voltage power panels

  • Expansion joints of circuit breakers

  • Expansion joints of transformers

  • Expansion joints of busbars

  • As earthing bands

  • In electrically powered vehicles

  • In coating stations

  • As battery connectors

  • Joints of industrial machinery/equipment

Method Of Application:

These busbars have to be cut and drilled after forming according to position of joint. Drilling and/or cutting previously may possibly cause defection on drill and cause irregular folio ends due to folios gliding during forming. Drilling and cutting during installing materials are generally actualized using a busbar fabrication machine.

It is highly recommended to tighten material in between anchor place during drilling and/or band saw cutting processes for securing occupational safety and operational quality. For joints applied to busbars, it is also possible to manacle instead of any drilling.


  • UL        File Number: E506457

  • UL        File Number: E506065

  • CE        Certificate Number: CE.19-0019-01/R00

Technical Features;

Raw Material of Insulated Flexible Copper Bars:

Cu ETP acc. to EN 1652 Cu>99 .90min Conductivity; 58ms/m – %100/ACS Hardness; 50-60 HV

Features of lnsulated Flexible Copper Bars:

Operation temperature -20C/ +105C

Operation voltage (max.) 1000V AC / 1500V DC

Features of the lnsulation Material:

  • Special PVC compound that meet UL94V0 standard

  • The thickness of insulation material: 1.8mm – 2.0mm (-Q/+0.3mm)

  • Free of lead

  • Self-extinguishable

  • Hardness; Shore A 85 acc. to ISO 1183

  • Tensile Strength; max. 16 N/ mm2 acc. to CEI 20-34

  • Elasticity; min. %320 acc. to CEI 20-34

  • Dielectric Strength; 20 kV/mm

Standart black color (possible ta produce in different colors ar with different colored line upon request.)

Standart length 2m (can be produced up ta 5m upon request)

lf ordered; Copper folios can be used tin coated. The insulation material can be produced as serviceable at +125 ° C or halogen free.