MIG Welded Shunts

Multi-pieces MIG Welded Copper Connectors;

The combined joints are formed by assembling rigid bars with flexibles through MIG welding methods.

These flexibles can be designed and manufactured upon customer’s specific request.

All welding processes are performed by our certificated welding personnel.


Application Areas of MIG Welded Shunts;

  • Expansion joint between the transformer and the busbars in steel plants

  • Expansion joint in transformers

  • Expansion joint in wind turbines

  • Expansion joint in special machines

  • Expansion joint between busbars in cases that requires a specific joint connection

Technical Features;

Raw Materials of MIG Welded Shunts:

Cu ETP tubes, bars or rods acc. to EN 13601

Cu ETP, SE-Cu or Cu-OF foils acc. to EN 1652

Production Method     : Press-welding, MIG welding

Coating                       : Can be silver, tin or nickel plated upon specific thickness request

Isolation                      : Can be isolated with heat shrinkable tubes or special insulating material