Press Riveted Flexible Copper Shunts

Press riveted flexible copper shunts are made of several copper sheets overlapping each other.

The contact areas are formed by assembling copper plates placed on top and the bottom of copper sheets with copper rivets.

These flexibles are very good conductors. They are ideal for use in areas subject to vibration and/or areas that require very often movement.

Application Areas of Press Riveted Flexible Copper Shunts;

  • Moving expansion joint in welding machines ,
  • Expansion joint in robots.

Technical Features;

Raw Materials of Press Riveted Flexible Copper Shunts:

Cu ETP bars acc. to EN 13601,

Cu-ETP, SE-Cu or Cu-OF fo/ios acc. to EN 1652 and Stainless Steel folios

Thickness of Copper Sheets: 0 .05mm-0.20mm