What is High Current?

Electric current is one of the most basic terms of electricity. For this reason, although those who have just adapted to the profession often hear it, many electronics do not know what it does. So what is the electric current, and What are the high electric components? High current refers to

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Solar Energy

Who Is The Father Of Solar Energy?

The studies carried out to benefit from solar energy are based on very, very old dates. The first use of solar energy, which has been used since ancient times, was seen in the 18th century. Studies have been made on the use of solar energy, and Galileo has been successful in this

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Distribution Boards

The distribution board is the main source of an electrical supply system that distributes electrical power to various circuits. It is also called an electric panel and breaker panel. Its main function is to divide electrical power into subsidiary circuits in a common enclosure. It holds the general electrical system

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