The bi-metallic conductor, which was developed to provide an economical alternative to solid copper in busbar applications, is called cuponal. It also offers an alternative to the hard drawn and high conductivity copper busbar. There is aluminum in the raw material of cuponal. The cuponal is surrounded by a highly conductive copper outer layer. The unit where electrical energy is collected and distributed at the same voltage and frequency is called busbar. Busbars enable us to control and command electrical energy. They establish connections between units. Cuponal busbars have conductive properties. Thanks to its design, it is both lighter and less costly.

Busbars (Copper/Aluminum/Cuponal)

Today, it has become possible to safely transmit the energy distributed through the busbars insulated in the sheet metal and aluminum body, from the desired points to another point without cutting the energy, with special output units. You can use busbar systems in many areas such as large industrial facilities, skyscrapers, textile and apparel industry, automotive industry, shipyards, hotels, shopping centers and similar facilities, energy transmission and distribution, assembly and maintenance workshops of industrial facilities, business centers, warehouses and laboratories.

When it comes to the materials used for the busbar, copper or aluminum and sometimes cuponal are preferred. Copper is the first choice as it has high conductivity and greater strength, but its higher weight is its disadvantage. Because copper is harder, it resists mechanical breakage during installation and service.

copper busbars

On the other hand, various internal corrosion and connection problems occur in aluminum busbars. This is because switch contacts and terminals are normally made of copper or a copper alloy, and contact between two dissimilar metals causes problems and a hard insulating aluminum oxide film forms on an exposed aluminum surface. In short, each material has its own characteristics and we should make our choices accordingly. We should choose the product that will provide the highest quality and the longest benefit.

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