Cuponal, copper-clad aluminum, is a bi-metallic conductor developed and presented as an economical alternative to copper material. Click to look the connections created by combined copper or aluminum parts with MIG welding of methods. Cuponal is made up of an electrical grade aluminum sturdy core with a copper outer layer molecularly bonded to it. With the exception of particular sizes, the copper cladding is nominally 15% by volume. The copper cladding helps to seal the aluminum while also supplying a copper joining surface. Click to get information about Insulated Flexible Copper Bars. Many of the world’s top electrical equipment manufacturers have successfully used the cuponal in numerous fields. Applications include L.V., M.V and H.V. distribution boards, motor control cabinets, panel boards, motor and coil winding, overhead busbar systems, vacuum switchgear, and generator sets.


The copper-clad aluminum bars and wires are produced by the hydrostatic extrusion process. Thanks to the hydrostatic high pressure, its molecular structure that cannot be obtained by any other method is obtained. For this reason, the material reaches high conductivity values. Copper and aluminum raw materials to be made cuponal are materials of high conductivity value. Cuponal materials can be made, cut, bent, or drilled. Therefore, these materials can also be used as bi-metals. Copper-clad aluminum can be glued, plated with silver, tin, or nickel. There are a wide variety of standard sizes, as well as other special designs that can be made on customer demands. In the products that have rectangular and round cross-section shapes, usually 15% of copper (37% by weight) and in some measures 20% of copper (45% by weight) are used volumetrically. Specially designed profile elements can be produced as L or T shaped, for instance.


Benefits of Cuponal

Cuponal products have a substantial cost and weight advantages in industries like electric power distribution, renewable energy electrical inverters, and electrical components for the aircraft, railway, and marine industries. Cuponal’s lightweight increases the competitive power of the product by providing the customer with a great advantage in raw material, transportation, stocking and construction costs. It is much more economical than copper. If we look at all the benefits it provides in general:

– When compared to the copper of equivalent cross-section and equal length, Cuponal provides cost reduction up to 40%.

– When Cuponal is stocked as meters to be used in the project, it significantly reduces financing costs compared to copper.

– It reduces shipping costs. The low weight of it provides savings on freight costs to customers and sellers.

– It provides stable costing. Cuponal prices fluctuate much less than copper prices over a period of time.

Cuponal is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It also saves copper and reduces the production cost.