The distribution board is the main source of an electrical supply system that distributes electrical power to various circuits. It is also called an electric panel and breaker panel. Its main function is to divide electrical power into subsidiary circuits in a common enclosure. It holds the general electrical system safely and securely, which helps prevent the risk of short circuit or fire accidents.

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Distribution boards are designed to direct and control the current of electricity from one or more sources to different sections or loads. Electricity takes a long journey from being produced in the power plant to the socket in our house, and it is possible to come across electrical panels at every point of this journey. The fuse box in our house, the electric meter cabinet at the entrance of our apartment, the metal cabinets in the control room that controls the entire facility in industrial facilities… We can describe all of these as a distribution board.


Location of the Distribution Boards

The location of the distribution board is of great importance within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety. In addition to safety, the distribution board should be located in the right place of the building for aesthetic reasons. Besides, panel cabinets must be secured with a distribution board lock. The authorities, technicians, and engineers, who are responsible for the security of the facility, or building, as well as the board, must carry the keys of the locks.

In addition to that, the distribution board must be marked with appropriate labels during the location. The distribution board label states that there is current in the panel and that employees should approach carefully. Labeling should be done both on the outer part of the panel and on the inner part. Yellow marked labels specified in the Occupational Health and Safety regulation and all other panel safety signs should be used.

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Distribution Boards Market and Manufacturers

According to the “Distribution Boards Market” report, the global distribution boards market is projected to reach USD 5.91 Billion by 2021. This growth can be attributed to the rise in construction and infrastructural activities, increasing power generation, and increasing up-gradation of transmission & distribution infrastructure, triggered by the rising energy demand.