Modern day brings lots of innovations that make people’s life easier and faster. In this fast world, time is essential but it takes incredible amount of time to travel in cities. Especially in over populated cities transportation is a big issue. Lots of cars on the traffic make individual transportation a slow option. Most of the cars still using fossil fuels, which makes it also not an eco-friendly option.

So inventors give people solution to this issue: new means of transportation. While humankind still waits for the flying cars, solution comes from something more familiar and classical: Bikes! Electric bikes are makes an eco-friendly and affordable transportation choice compared to cars, and people using them are increased every day.

Although electric bikes and regular bikes don’t have much difference in appearance, electric bikes have an electrical drive system that helps you propel the bike as you pedal it. Thus electric bikes provide an easier ride and you can go more distance without getting tired. Click for insulated flexible copper connections that can be used in this system and electric power vehicles. One thing that people are most curious about is riding experience. Electric bikes are very similar with regular bikes the way they feel as you ride. You can lower your pedal-assistance if you want to use more muscle.


What are the advantages of electric bikes?  

Electric bikes have rechargeable batteries that allow 25 to 40 km/h speed. That is faster than most people can pedal, so it is faster than a regular bike. If you’re riding it to your workplace and don’t want to get all sweaty and tired before even started to working, electric bikes allow you to go with less effort longer distances. They are flexible, easy to find a parking spot and costs lot less than a car. On top of these features, electric bikes are environmentally friendly.


What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Electric bike technology is still in progress, so they have a few disadvantages. Some of the electric bikes are heavy because of the lead-acid batteries they use. Click to take a look at the flexible braided shunts that can be used in battery connections. Nowadays some of the producers using lithium-ion batteries to decrease the weight, but it causes to another problem: shortened battery lifespan. Even though it can change to brand and the model, electric bikes are still considerably expensive in many countries.


How do I choose an electric bike?  

After reviewing ups and downs of an electric bike you decided to buy one, now it is time to choose your electric bike. There are different models and features of electric bikes and it is important to choose the one that suits your needs the best. First thing to consider is your riding purposes. If it is important for you to go long distances, then you need to choose a battery with long durability. If you’ll ride up-hill, then it is best to choose one with a powerful motor.

Make sure you test ride more than one model to pick which one feels the most comfortable to you if possible. Also make a good research about the brands. Pick the one that has good customer services and make sure that they use durable high quality material. Don’t forget that electric bike is an investment, so be careful what you pay for and try to choose the best quality electric bike that you can effort.