Insulated Flexible Copper connectors are created by coating the foils with an appropriate overlapping PVC composition with secure connectors. These flexible connectors can be easily formed and can keep their shape avoiding deformation for a long time. Insulated flexible copper connectors can carry more electric current than rigid rods, so they have several layers that increase the electric current surface. Therefore, flexibles can be easily used in smaller cross-sections compared to determined bars, creating a cost reduction on top of that.

So What are the application areas of Insulated Flexible Expansion Copper Connectors?

Advantages of Insulated Flexible Copper Rods are as follows:

  • Provides safe, and secure joints.
  • It saves time thanks to its ease of assembly.
  • Provides size/dimension savings thanks to use in narrow areas.
  • It saves cost and design work.
  • It provides ease of shaping and processing.

In addition, Flexible Expansion Connectors prevent stresses from expansion and contraction, isolate from noise and vibration transmission, and compensate for misalignment.

In this article, we will share with you what is curious about the subject.

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What are Application Areas of Insulated Flexible Expansion Copper Connectors? 

These connectors have to be cut and drilled after forming according to the position of the joint. Drilling or cutting before may cause defection on drill and cause irregular folio ends due to folios gliding during forming. Drilling and cutting during installing materials are generally actualized using a busbar fabrication machine.

We recommend these connectors for tightening the material between the anchor point during drilling or band saw cutting operations and for ensuring occupational safety and operating quality. For joints applied to busbars, it is also possible to manacle instead of any drilling.

With the different designs of the connectors, their characteristics such as ease of connection, mating type, durability, or the level of insulation between the pins change.

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Different features are added to the connectors to adjust these differences. Another thing to note about connectors is that they need to be well protected as the connectors are used in pretty inadequate conditions. Thus, they can work efficiently without being affected by the following factors. The external factors whose connectors are not aspired to be concerned are as follows:


  1. Vibration,
  2. extreme temperature,
  3. Dirt,
  4. That,
  5. Contaminated substances


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