The rapidly increasing population and industrialization, the fact that fossil fuels are gradually decreasing and will be misused shortly, affect our world immensely. Our energy needs are growing day by day. In this case, it shows us the importance of renewable energy sources. Wind energy, which is a renewable energy source, has a substantial place among energy sources as it is an environmentally friendly energy source with spacious usage possibilities.

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Wind energy systems, the speed, direction, and frequency of the wind have a substantial role. The distribution of wind energy can show significant differences even in very narrow areas, depending on the structure, topography, and roughness of the ground surface. The roots of wind energy date back to ancient times. In ancient times, even experimental studies were conducted on wind turbines that produce electricity. The kinetic energy it possesses due to the movement of the wind is transformed into mechanical energy and electrical energy through wind turbines, and the current usage areas and applications of wind energy conversion systems have become more common.

What Is Called Wind Energy?

Wind energy is related to a renewable energy source that captures wind power using wind turbines and windmills and then converts it into electricity. Wind plays a substantial role in the production of wind energy. Electricity is delivered when the wind turns the blades of the wind turbine. In this case, a conductor turns a coil, that is, a magnet inside the generator. We call the areas where there are many wind turbines as wind farms.

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Systematically, the low-voltage electricity generated by the wind turbines is combined with underground cables to an electrical substation, where it is converted into high-voltage renewable electricity into the electrical grid. A substantial advantage of wind energy is that it is an unlimited local resource. The important thing is to find suitable locations for wind farms.

How Many Types Of Wind Energy Are There?

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There are two types of wind turbines. One is horizontal axis wind turbines, others are vertical axis wind turbines. Horizontal axis wind turbines have blades like airplane propellers and are usually three-bladed. In more general terms, it is possible to classify according to the number of wings. We can also consider single-bladed wind turbines, double-bladed wind turbines, three-bladed wind turbines, multi-bladed wind turbines.

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